Hi my name is Thomas and I am 41 years old, of Indian nationality with 11 of experience as a carer housekeeper,

gardener and driver and with residence permit. I am licensed and referenced. At the moment I am looking for a job or fixed with room and board or long hours (without accommodation) as caregiver or domestic factotum. I am also available for assistance to elderly people not enough cars, disabled even if in wheelchairs enticed or semi self-sufficient or autosufficient or even if suffering Alzheimer or Parkinson or senile dementia, even if in a declared form . I am tall and of sturdy constitution and I know the most common pharmaceutical equipment of pre-dosed delivery of insulin or of electronic and automated relief of the values glucose and pressurers. I speak Italian quite well and enough English and as far as cooking me the cable quite well. They are in possession of the municipal identity card issued by the city of Rome. If present and if necessary, I know to look after a pets. Currently I am in Rome with willingness to travel for work in any part of the capital or the Roman coast or in mobility in the maximum radius of 20 Km. N.B. If you send e-mails, please provide information on the person to be assisted and a Phone number where you can contact
Recapiti Info tel. 380 585 7060 - 338 992 6005
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Known languages: sufficient English    
I speak Italian: well enough
Available as: Home Caregiver Driver
I cook: pretty well
Driver's License: Yes