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Hi, my name is Dali and I am 55 years old, of Georgian nationality with 11 years as a caregiver and with a residence permit. I am referenced and at the moment I am looking for a permanent job with accommodation as a caregiver or companion. They are also available for assistance to elderly people who are semi-self-sufficient or self-sufficient or even with mild or non-aggressive Alzheimer's or dementia or Parkinson's. In this regard, I have already gained specific experience in the field of Alzheimer's. I know the most common pharmaceutical devices for pre-dispensed insulin delivery or electronic and automated measurement of blood glucose and blood pressure. If necessary, I am available to work and if required also on all holidays, associated with the service provided on weekdays. I speak Italian perfectly and as far as the kitchen is concerned, I can handle it perfectly. In the case of work with accommodation, they are also available, even to stay in a living room, in the case of restricted living spaces. If present and if necessary, I can take care of pets. Currently I am in Rome with availability 'for business trips in any area of ​​the capital. N.B. in case you send e-mails, communicate your telephone number where to contact you

Contact details Info tel. 380 585 7060 - 338 992 6005

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Known languages:
I speak Italian: perfectly
Available as: fixed with accommodation
I cook: I cord it perfectly
Pretese salaries: please contact me
Titles: none
Driving license: no