Chiedici i recapiti degli operatori anche con SMS al n. 380 585 7060 o via e-mail:
(i candidati hanno espresso consenso conforme alle Direttive Europee Privacy GDPR UE 2016/679).

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Operative contact details tel. 0039 380 585 7060 (vodafone)
Operative contact details tel. 0039 338 992 6005 (wind)
Applications 0039 328 809 5235 (wind)

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Italian Bad Care Profession PBI provides a free presentation service for seniors and families in Rome and Lazio and other Italian locations. We can also support you with tips or suggestions in the field. The candidate staff is referenced, with years of experience and immediately available. If you are also a low-income pensioner you can consult the Badanti MP profiles (pretended myths) with reduced salaries: willing staff, but sometimes with less work experience and reduced linguistic skills. You can explore the complete sections of carers using the home page. Having made the choice, you can freely ask us for the telephone numbers where not indicated (privacy) by contacting us (only users in clear) to the num. 380 585 7060 - 338 992 6005 all days. weekdays (9.30-22) or holidays (10.30-22). In some cases and if authorized, we publish directly the telephone number of the person concerned, otherwise we indicate the telephone number. Professione Badante Italia does not provide monthly commissions on the remuneration of the candidates presented and chosen by you: the salary relationship is direct between you and the contacted operator, pursuant to art. 4, paragraph 1, lett. c) and 6, paragraph 1, lett. f) of Legislative Decree September 10, 2003, n. 276 (Section 3.1 of the Register of the Employment Agencies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies)
There is also no mediation cost. Only spontaneous donations are allowed. The verification of the references remains at your expense.

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