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Hi, my name is Tatiana, and I am 55 years old, Romanian with 8 years of experience as a caregiver. I am referenced and licensed (with a B license), and I speak Italian, Russian and Ukrainian perfectly. Currently I am looking for a permanent job with board and lodging (cohabiting) as a caregiver, with availability also for elderly care not self sufficient, even if disabled in wheelchairs or with Alzheimer or Parkinson or Dementia Senili, even if in a clear form as long as not aggressive . In this regard, I have already gained experience with people suffering from Alzheimer's. I prefer a permanent job, I also exclude monthly substitutions. In the case of work with accommodation, I like the possibility of a personal room. I can cook very well and I know Italian cuisine in depth. They are also available for monthly replacement of other caregivers on vacation, subject to prior agreement or possibly to the occasional service on public holidays as long as they are associated with the service provided on weekdays. They are with a residence permit and in possession of a municipal identity card issued by the Municipality of Rome. Currently I am in Rome in the central area with availability for employment and travel in any area of ​​Rome. If you send e-mail, please kindly provide the place and the need for assistance as well as a telephone number (essential) where you can contact you thanks.
Info (Tatiana) tel. 380 585 7060 - 338 992 6005 mailto:
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Present in Albo Badanti Italia - www.albobadanti.it

Nationality: Romanian
Years of experience: 8
Job type: caregiver
Working hours: fixed with board and lodging (cohabiting)
Avail. physics: even not self-sufficient
Avail. psychic: even complete forms
Language: perfect
Cook: good
Smoking: No
Driving license: with driving license
Pets: Yes available
Night coverage: yes
Sundays and holidays: Yes available
Monthly substitutions: Yes available
Mobility: only Rome