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Safe my name is Caterina and I am 43 years old, of Rumanian national character with 5 of experience as watched and belonged to the European Community. I am supplied and to the moment I am looking for a fixed work with flat or long schedule or a part time, as watched or company lady for lady I have achieved the O.S.S certificate. (Operatrice Member Sanitaria). Disabled sufficient not cars are disposable in case also for assistance to old persons even if in perambulator or you attract or self-sufficient or self-sufficient seeds or even if suffering Alzheimer or Parkinson or Demenze Senili, even if in proclaimed shape. To such a regard, I have already ripened specific experiences in the sector of the Alzheimer. I know the commonest pharmaceutical infusion equipment to premeasured release of insulin or of electronic and automated relief of the values glicemici and pressure. I am disposable to the circumstance to work and if asked and fortuitously also in the holiday days associated with the service lent in the working days. I speak Italian perfectly and as far as it regards the kitchen I satisfy it quite well. In case of work with flat, I am disposable in case, also to stay at a stay, in case of narrow inhabitable spaces. If he presents and if necessary, I can look after domestic animals. At present I am in Rome with availability to moving for work in any zone of the Capital (city). N.B. in the case you send e-mail, supply kindly indications on the person to be attended and a telephone address there where to be able to contact
Info (Caterina) tel. 380 585 7060 - 338 992 6005 mailto:
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Known languages:      
I speak Italian: perfectly
Disposable as: I fix with flat
I cook: quite well
Licence: no