Romanian licensed carer Roma Elena 56

Hi, my name is Elena, and I am 56 years old, of Romanian nationality with 6 years of experience as a referenced and licensed badmante (B license), and I speak Italian perfectly. At the moment I am looking for a permanent job with accommodation (cohabitant) as a caregiver. In case of work with accommodation, I also adapt to a shared room. They are also available for assistance to elderly people, even if they are not self-sufficient, even if they are disabled in wheelchairs or suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or Senile Dementia, even if in a clear form. In this regard, I have already gained experience with people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease the most common pre-dosed insulin-delivery pharmaceutical infusion equipment. o Electronic and automated measurement of blood glucose and pressure values. I prefer a permanent job, so I exclude monthly replacements and, as far as the kitchen is concerned, I get along quite well. they are also available at the occasional service even on holidays, associated with the service provided on weekdays, with a residence permit. Currently I am in Rome in the area with availability for employment and travel in any area Capital (well connected areas) or Ostia Litorale or Castelli Romani
N.B. in case you send e-mail, please kindly provide the place and the need for assistance as well as a telephone number (essential) where you can contact you thanks.
Info (Elena) tel. 338 992 6005 mailto:

Present in Albo Badanti Italia –

Nationality: Romanian
Years of experience: 6
Job type: caregiver
Working hours: fixed with accommodation (cohabiting)
Avail. physics: semi-self-sufficient
Avail. psychic: even complete forms
Language: perfect
Cook: sufficient
Driving license: with driving license
Pets: Yes available
Night coverage: yes
Sundays and holidays: Yes available
Monthly substitutions: Not available
Mobility: Rome or Ostia or Castelli Romani